Stable flame windproof lighter SK601 Custom

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Stable flame windproof lighter SK601

1. Stable flame, 3cm constant flame.

2. Large capacity, large capacity for small materials.

3. Strong wind and flame resistance.

4. Circular inflatable economy Wenhui environmental protection support.


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What is a stable flame windproof lighter?

Stable flame windproof lighters are safer and more stable in transportation, storage, and use than traditional lighters with adjustable fire rings. It is the trend of future lighter industry technology development.

Product advantages

1. Dustproof flip cover.

2. Under 23C±2℃ environment The flame is stabilized at 20mm-38mm point hill times≥1300 times.

3. Adjustable flame.



Shuangkai Lighter - Pursue quality and cast high-quality goods.

Cixi Shuangkai Lighter Co., Ltd. specialized in many kinds of cigarette lighters .It is located in Cixi,Zhejiang,China. East is port city Ningbo (Beilun port), west is Hangzhou,the provincial capital of Zhejiang, The transportation is quite conveniently.

The factory covers an area over 10,000 square meters, has the staff 95 people, the annual output above 50 million Yuan,It has passed the ISO9001-2000 quality specifications authentication, and obtained “export product quality licence" .

The company is professional China Stable flame windproof lighter SK601 suppliers and OEM Stable flame windproof lighter SK601 factory,focus on producing all kinds of high and medium grades Stable flame windproof lighter SK601。The products are diverse, complete in variety, novel in design, and beautiful in appearance, and are well received by customers.

Our company has a long-term fire safety license, quality management system certification GB/T19001-2016/ ISO9001:2015, environmental management system certification ISO14001:2015 enterprise safety production standardization certificate, and the models produced meet ISO9994 and ISO22702 certifications. All of our custom Stable flame windproof lighter SK601 have passed strict production inspection process, so you can choose with confidence.


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