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Cixi Shuangkai Lighter Co., Ltd as China Open Flame Lighters Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Open Flame Lighters Factory, offer wholesale Open Flame Lighters for sale online. our Open Flame Lighters Factory, offer wholesale Open Flame Lighters are diverse, complete in variety, novel in design, and beautiful in appearance, and are well received by customers. The company has long-term fire safety license, quality management system certification GB/T19001-2016/ ISO9001:2015, environmental management system certification ISO14001:2015 enterprise safety production standardization certificate, and the models produced meet ISO9994 and ISO22702 certification. Lighter production, Shuangkai is professional.

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Open Flame Lighters Industry Knowledge Extension

Open flame lighters and windproof lighters, which one consumes more gas
Windproof lighters consume more gas, windproof lighters are also called kerosene lighters, and their windproof power is much stronger than open flame lighters.
The fuel consumption of open flame lighters and kerosene lighters is the same, and open flame lighters use low natural gas, so it can be said that gas root oils are mixed together. And kerosene lighters use low kerosene, which can be refueled. Of course, these two prices are different, kerosene is obviously very expensive, so it is said that fuel consumption is the same and money is not the same.
Open flame lighters spray liquid butane directly, and the liquid butane absorbs the heat in the air to vaporize, mixes with air outside the lighter, and burns. The windproof lighter is to accelerate the butane ejection first, gasify in advance, let the butane and air fully mix in advance, let them inject into the combustion chamber at high speed, and then eject the lighter after initial combustion.

Are open flame lighters easy to use?
Yes, open flame lighters are usually easy to use. They usually have a simple mechanism where you light the flame by pressing a button or turning a dial, and you can then adjust the height of the flame by turning the lighter. This makes them a handy and practical tool for lighting candles, fireplaces, grills and even cigarettes. However, it is important to follow the directions for use and be aware of the potential danger of open flames, especially around flammable materials.

What are the characteristics of open flame lighters?
Open flame lighters have several characteristics that define them:
Fuel source: Open flame lighters use a fuel such as butane or propane to create the flame.
Ignition Mechanism: An open flame lighter has an ignition mechanism, such as a spark wheel or piezoelectric mechanism, that ignites the fuel to create a flame.
Adjustable flame: Many open flame lighters have an adjustable flame, which allows you to control the height of the flame by turning the lighter.
Portable: Open flame lighters are usually small and portable, making them easy to carry and use in a variety of environments.
Versatile: The open flame lighter can be used for a variety of tasks including lighting candles, starting fires in fireplaces and grills, and even lighting cigarettes.
Safe use: Open flame lighters must be used safely as they can pose a fire hazard if used incorrectly or near flammable materials. Always follow directions for use and be aware of the potential hazard of open flames.