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Talent Concept

The company is committed to creating an equal, respectful and upright working environment, so that every employee can express their talents comfortably on the platform of Shuangkai.

  • Cashier


    5000-8000 yuan/month

    3-5 years of work experience, college recruit 1 person

    Job highlights

    Five social insurance and one housing fund, meal supplement, overtime subsidy, communication subsidy, regular medical examination, weekend and weekends, transportation subsidy, holiday benefits

    Job Information

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the receipt and payment, custody and expense reimbursement of daily cash, cheques and bills;

    2. Transfer and accounting internal transactions, confirmation of payment, and timely registration of cash and bank journals; < /p>

    3. Production, binding and custody of cash and bank vouchers;

    4. Assist the accountant to prepare daily and monthly documents and statements;

    5. Handle all related business with the bank;

    6. Complete other business tasks assigned by the company.


    1. College degree or above, accounting, finance and other related majors;

    2. Honesty, integrity, love of work, dedication, careful, high sense of responsibility, good professional ethics, Ningbo household registration;

    3. Relevant corporate experience;

    4. Familiar with financial software, MSOFFICE (such as Excel, etc.), familiar with various banking services;

    5. Possess the knowledge and ability of daily cash management, bank revenue and expenditure, accounting, bookkeeping, and bill review;

    6. Good learning ability, independent working ability and solid financial knowledge.

    Work address:

    Zhejiang Province

    Delivery mailbox: [email protected] Apply now

  • Sales Representative

    Sales representative

    Salary range: 5000-10000 yuan/month

    Work location: Zhejiang

    Job highlights: year-end dividends, regular medical examinations, holiday benefits, housing subsidies, double pay at the end of the year, paid annual leave, communication subsidies, meal subsidies

    Job Information

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Complete customer negotiation, signing, documentary and post-maintenance work;

    2, complete the monthly sales tasks assigned by the company;

    3, effectively maintain customers and banks Expand and develop new customer resources;

    4. Organize customer files and establish marketing accounts.

    Job requirements:

    1, 22-35 years old, men and women are not limited, college degree or above;

    2, investment, financial management, securities , Banking and other work experience and related customer resources;

    3, have strong learning and communication skills, good at communication;

    4, have a good sense of teamwork and commitment Pressure capacity.

    Salaries are negotiable

    Delivery mailbox: [email protected] Apply now
  • Secretary

    Job highlights: year-end dividends, regular physical examination, holiday welfare housing supplement, year-end double-paid paid annual leave, communication subsidy, meal supplement

    Job Information

    Job Responsibilities:

    1 .Have a certain understanding of various relevant laws and regulations, and have basic financial knowledge;

    3. Responsible for collecting various operating information and data within the company, and grasping the company’s operating conditions; responsible for writing various decisions related to the chairman’s decision Kind of analysis report;

    4. Responsible for preparing management team meetings, responsible for the minutes of various board meetings;

    5. Responsible for organizing and arranging department-level meetings, and urging resolutions , Investigate and implement;

    6. Responsible for the logistical support of the chairman of the board and the maintenance and management of the office environment;

    7. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

    Job requirements:

    1. Unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, Chinese, English, secretarial, administrative management, law and other related majors, with more than 2 years of large enterprises, foreign companies or related industries Work experience in the same position;

    2. Have good professional ethics, be honest, upright, cautious, meticulous, have quick understanding and strict execution;

    3. Image Good temperament, good time management skills; familiar with business etiquette and business operations, with excellent reception etiquette and public relations skills, please include a personal photo in your resume;

    4. Proficiency in using various office software, writing Good;

    5. Strong interpersonal communication skills.

    Delivery mailbox: [email protected] Apply now